Transmission and distribution packaged solutions

Bespoke engineered solutions for pressure control and measurement applications ranging from City Gate, Major Industrial / Power Plants to industrial and commercial distribution modules.

They are composed of Pressure Regulating Valves, Over and Under Pressure Automatic Shut-off Valves, Relief Valves, Filters, Flow Meters and other peripheral instruments, varying according to the complexity of the final application.

Each station is individually designed, in accordance with the precision and safety levels demanded by the application and in compliance to national and international standards.

Stations are mounted on skids, facilitating their transportation and installation. Stations’ start-up & commissioning can be undertaken by our experienced engineers.

ZIL Gas can provide a range of Discreet System Solutions

Gas Conditioning

  • Filter/Separation – horizontal
  • Cyclone separator – Vertical
  • Coalescer filters – Cartridge & Basket
  • H2S removal – Lead/Lag configuration

Gas Heating (6kw to 10mw)

  • Water bath
  • Pre-packaged boiler units-energy centre

Gas Regulation Packages

  • Fuel gas control systems – CL150/300/600/900
  • Transmission city gate
  • Distribution units above & below ground
  • Major power station control systems
  • CNG Mother/Daughter
  • Remote set point – Pressures/Volumetric

Fiscal Metering Packages

  • RPD
  • Turbines
  • Ultra-Sonic

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